Ed.’s Lookbooks.

Elements of Design is all about a curated approach to fabulous design, and since we love to share, we’ve compiled a plethora of lookbooks to delve through to please every aesthetic. Whether your dream is to have a living room draped in florals or a kitchen chock full of bronze, there’s a look for every lover of good design.

Bronze Age.

Even the lightest and airiest of spaces can—and should—exhibit a bit of drama. So go for a bit of ancient bling with pieces made of oil-rubbed bronze with hand-burnished accents inspired by our visits to the centuries-old temples on our trips to Thailand.

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Ex Machina.

There’s something delightfully unexpected about an object that’s been handcrafted to look as if it has been machined. These pieces flaunt a perfectly sexy union of materials and design, one that exudes gravitas and a touch of humor.

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Life Pod.

Some of the most surprising and satisfying forms are ones that evoke the primal. These elemental pieces flaunt fluid curves. Natural materials. And the rich symbiosis that arises when they meet.

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If we have a core design belief, it’s that any piece—and any room for that matter—should be beautiful from every angle. That’s why we love pieces with split personalities, interesting and intricate facets, and those that inspire from multiple points of view.

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Japan inspires us.
Folded paper, kimonos.
Ah! Simplicity.

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The Lotus Eaters.

The first time we went to Bali, we were driving along the beautiful east coast of the main island and happened upon a festival on the beach. Dozens of beautiful women were gathered there with hundreds of flowers floating in the water at their feet. The peaceful image has never left us and so we honored it with these floral-inspired pieces.

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Marvelously Marfa.

Appearing like a mirage in the parched Texas desert, Marfa captivates the hearts and minds of artists, dreamers and seekers from around the world. Our pieces pay homage to the “like no other” spirit of Marfa and the people who love it.

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The 1927 silent sci-fi classic, Metropolis, has inspired artists for nearly a century. Our pieces celebrate the incredible beauty and power of modernist design, with nods to everything from Bauhaus to Cubism, Industrialism to Precisionism.

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Midas Touch.

Gleaming, glittering and naturally glamorous, gold has been used in design for millenia: from the jewelry of Ancient Egypt to the opulent furniture pieces from the Late Baroque period to sparkling mid-mod accessories. Our pieces exude a luxe vibe, while staying true the the pure organic nature of our most precious metal.

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Phenomena Botanica.

With its intricate forms, unexpected flourishes and “can this be real?” details, nature truly astounds. We capture the drama and wonder of the natural world and handcraft it into something, well, supernatural.

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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.

We dream of sun showers, glorious sprinkles falling against the backdrop of a golden sun. Drops of water reflecting the light, giving us hope for brighter days ahead. These pieces capture the elemental spirit of water in its purest form: the raindrop.

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Yin Yang.

We are proud to be dichotomous: we love light and dark. Smooth and rough. Hard and soft. In breath and out breath. The contrast of materials in these pieces—two sides, two thoughts, two feelings coming together—can transform how you see your space, and the world.

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