Where exactly is Ed. manufactured?

Our design team works closely with local artisans from all over the world to create our signature pieces – then we bring all our treasures to Los Angeles where we assemble and complete the final details. Most of our brass items are handmade in India where intricate brass detailing is in their DNA (okay, not like LITERALLY in their DNA, but they’re reallllllly good at it)! Our beautiful glass and porcelain pieces are typically handblown, cast or molded in Venice, Portugal or LA...because our glass is just worldly like that. And our quartz rock crystal, agate and semi‐precious gemstones are usually sourced from Brazil because, much like the rest of us, they love a good tan.

Where does it fit in the market?

We’re one of a kind dahhhhling, one of a kind! (Cue the dramatics)! But we guess if any comparable line were to exist, it would be; Arteriors, Global Views, Made Goods, Mr. Brown London or Visual Comfort.

Are there order minimums?

To receive the non-stocking or designer net pricing, there is no minimum opening order! Wooooo hooooo! A valid resale tax certificate and business card along with the credit card authorization sheet is required to purchase from Elements of Design.

Retailers with a store front location in a commercial delivery area can qualify for wholesale pricing plus freight by meeting our minimum opening order of $1000 with a $350 reorder minimum ($50 fee added to below minimum reorders). We’ll need a valid resale certificate, company letterhead, business card, and sales rep verification of store front is required.

What’s the lead time?

Product shipping is based on availability, with in‐stock goods shipping in two weeks. Please be aware that items that are on backorder may take up to 16 weeks to ship. By placing your order, your credit card will be charged at checkout and you will be first in line for the new inventory. The item(s) will be shipped out to you as soon as we receive them.

How to check stock?

Please check with the Elements of Design Customer Service team to check availability. Our LA team is currently working to make inventory availability easy for you! In the near future, we will be sending monthly updates and will feature live inventory on our website. Yayyyyy for live inventory!

What are the shipping terms?

Typically, most orders have a shipping and handling cost that is 15% or less than the orders total. To facilitate the costumer’s determination of freight costs, please see the schedule of freight percentages here.

Elements of Design ships FOB from our Los Angeles, California warehouse with freight added to the invoice. Unless advised by the purchaser, Elements of Design will determine the appropriate shipping mode and carrier.

Does Ed. offer customization options?

Do we offer custom? Our middle name is Custom, silly goose (well, not literally, but we love us some custom work)!

Our parent company, Lusive, has been manufacturing custom lighting for nearly 15 years as one of the top custom lighting manufacturers in the United States, creating custom, large‐scale hotel and casino projects for 4- and 5-star hotel properties throughout the world. So yes, we can do it!

What’s the deal with UL and Title 24 Compliances?

Our factory is fully UL Certified, and all the light fixtures are UL Listed and can be used with LED Lamps. While not every state requires fixtures to be UL listed in residential installations, every commercial installation has a listing requirement, and most licensed electricians will not install fixtures without proper UL certification. And for those of you in sunny California, most fixtures can have wiring switched to Title 24 compliant sockets for an extra charge and 2‐3 week lead time.

What does the future hold?

I’m hoping for year-round pumpkin spice lattes and a brand-new pony! Oh, you mean for the company? Well since everyone loves shiny new accessories, we will be debuting new items seasonally each Spring and Fall. And of course, we will continue to create fun and Ed. worthy (naturally we hold ourselves to the highest standards) collateral for you and your clients.